Update to Mandatory New Hampshire Labor Law Posters

Labor Law Regulations

To inform employees of their rights and remedies available pursuant to New Hampshire law, the state requires employers to post in conspicuous areas within their place of employment the following mandatory labor law posters:

As noted in our recent blog, NH Wage Law Update: Bi-Weekly Pay Permitted After July 11, 2017, Without NHDOL Approvala change was made effective July 11th, permitting employers to pay employees either weekly or bi-weekly without first having to seek approval from the NH Department of Labor.  This change has also prompted an update to the Protective Legislation Law poster to include language pertaining to bi-weekly pay.  In order to maintain compliance, NH employers must print the updated version of the poster and display it wherever their labor laws are posted within their premises.  Click here to download the update version of the Protective Legislation Law.

Keeping up with continual updates to local, state and federal labor laws and ensuring that you are properly placing the required postings to ensure compliance can be quite the task.  Checkout our blog article for some helpful tips: Labor Law Posters: Updates and Proper Placement. Are You Sure You’re In Compliance?

As part of our HCM solutions and services, we also offer a labor law poster compliance service.

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