Payroll Based JournalUnder the Affordable Care Act, effective July 1, 2016, all skilled nursing facilities are now required to submit direct-care auditable data from their payroll and census records to CMS on at least a quarterly basis.  CMS will use the information to compile staffing-level information for each care facility as well as turnover and tenure information, all of which have been shown to have a direct impact on the level and quality of care a facility can provide.

CMS requires facilities to either manually submit the information through its website or permits them to use data from payroll services and/or time and attendance systems and export it to a standardized .xml template file that can then be uploaded through their site.  Manual data submissions are time-intensive and error prone with users required to create unique Employee IDs and manually enter hours worked for each employee including splitting time between multiple roles for one employee as well as splitting up any overnight shifts (midnight is the cutoff for each day) to enter hours properly.

With the Checkmate HCM solution from Kronos (successfully completed vendor testing through CMS), we can help you configure a system that will automatically capture and compile the data you need for your payroll based journal submissions ensuring accurate, timely and compliant reporting with just a few keystrokes.  Our solution can easily assign, gather and calculate required data for direct-care staff only including:

  • Unique Employee IDs
  • Hire and Termination Dates
  • Employee Type – Exempt, Non-Exempt or Contract
  • Job Title and Categories
  • Hours Paid vs. Hours Worked
  • Exclusion of PTO Hours and Training Hours


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