Serving those who serve the public

Government Workforce Management SoftwareAttracting and retaining skilled employees interested in serving the public, in some cases 24/7/365, is a challenge faced by most federal, state and local agencies.  Many also are hindered by error-prone manual payroll and time-tracking processes, limited or non-existent HR personnel, various departments using disparate workforce software solutions that will not communicate and cumbersome manual accounting of vacation accruals, payroll taxes and regulatory reporting resulting in costly compliance mistakes.  With Checkmate’s Workforce Management Software and Services for Government entities, effectively managing your workforce can be a whole lot easier and saves you money with more efficient processes, better use of resources and by avoiding labor-related fines and penalties!

Our single database solution can be customized to meet even the most complex and varied policies and rules for payroll, PTO earnings, benefit package administration including mandatory retirement contributions, and regulatory compliance requirements.  We can provide stand-alone payroll services and software or a complete workforce management solution including payroll, time and attendance tracking, HRIS software and ACA reporting.  Our implementations team will work with you to set up a system that serves the unique needs of each department while providing a rollup of comprehensive data, dashboards and reporting for town administrators and elected officials to easily analyze workforce performance and identify areas of opportunity for productivity enhancements and/or cost savings.