Real-time, accurate vacation accrual tracking for your entire workforce

Managing elaborate vacation accrual calculations for your entire workforce and tracking paid time off (PTO) balances accurately can be a breeze with Checkmate HCM when you combine payroll services and time and attendance. Our implementation team will set up all the necessary formulas within your payroll module to help maintain a real-time, ongoing record of PTO for each employee that is always readily accessible by your employees, their managers and other authorized users. Employees can then utilize the time and labor module to draw down on their PTO balance when requesting time off. Requests can either be sent to a manager or other authorized personnel for approvals and/or the system can be configured to automatically approve or reject requests based on PTO balances, co-worker vacation scheduling conflicts, blackout periods or other criteria, if desired.

Providing You and Your Employees A Better Way to Track and Manage Time-Off

  • Automatically Calculate All Categories of Paid Time Off
  • Allow Employees to View PTO Balances in Real Time
  • Submit and Manage PTO Requests
  • Set Rules to Automatically Approve or Reject PTO Requests Based on Custom Criteria
  • Real Time Calendar Shows Who is Present, Absent or on Vacation
Accrual Tracking Dashboards

CheckmateHCM Accrual Tracking Dashboards – Click to Enlarge


PTO Request via InTouch Time Clock

Submitting a PTO Request on InTouch Time Clock – Click to Enlarge