Expert Services and Software to Manage, Retain and Maintain Compliance for Your Franchise Workforce

Franchise NetworkAt Checkmate we have almost 30 years of experience in being a trusted outsource partner for franchise owners/operators.  We provide industry-leading human capital management technology, HR resources and personalized services including payroll processing, time and labor management, employee scheduling and HR administration.  Our complete CheckmateHCM solution is your single source for managing each employee from pre-hire to retire allowing you to manage all aspects of the employee life cycle and employment data.  As a franchise owner and/or operator, you are faced with extensive responsibilities to follow franchise guidelines, ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements and manage labor relations.  When it comes to compliance issues, it is often difficult to determine whether you qualify as a small business for certain requirements or if you fall under a large employer status when included as part of the entire franchise network and any corporate-owned locations.  Checkmate is here to help you navigate and overcome all your workforce-related challenges.

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