Workforce Software for Production Without a Big Production

ManufacturingManufacturing is all about precision work done in a timely manner at a reasonable cost to produce a high-quality product in accordance with regulatory compliance standards and your own specifications.  It is only achieved when all people, technology and processes work succinctly as one.  Shouldn’t you expect the same from your workforce management software?

Checkmate Workforce Management Solutions has been providing payroll services, HRIS software, time and attendance and other HR related software and services to the manufacturing industry for over two decades.  Our workforce software suite is built on a single database platform with an intuitive user interface designed so you can quickly access and manage information for a single employee, production team or your entire workforce in real time and as a secure, cloud-based application can be utilized from a PC in your office, on the production line or from your mobile device.  With a skills shortage in manufacturing, recruiting and retaining talent and running lean, productive shifts are vital to remaining competitive today and ensuring success.

Manage and measure your workforce productivity with ease:

  • Real-Time Labor Cost – Job and labor cost data is easily captured and accessible within our time and attendance software
  • Shift Scheduling – Our Workforce Scheduler, is a scheduling software showing employee availability, skills and training certifications, overtime planning, compliance/regulation requirements and historical data for costing and productivity.
  • Training and Certification Management – Keep track of compliance training, certifications and machine training for all employees to identify cross training opportunities and aid in shift planning and succession planning.