Track and Manage Your ACA Compliance in Real Time

Full-time, part-time, full-time equivalents, look back periods, affordability, eligible coverage offerings and pay-or-play strategies – it can all be confusing and getting just one calculation or date wrong could result in significant fees and penalties.  What if you could keep a real-time status of your number of employees including FTEs?  What if you could receive alerts when you were approaching a new threshold based upon your number of employees?  And what if you had a system that would automatically issue employees benefit offerings as soon as they became eligible?

That is all possible when you add ACA Manager to your workforce management solution.  Using your employee data from your Checkmate payroll services or time and attendance solution, ACA Manager will calculate applicable employee counts for monitoring and ACA reporting and compliance purposes.  With the addition of our HRIS software module to your workforce management solution, you can also setup workflows to automatically send benefit offerings to employees once they become eligible to help ensure you do not overlook a deadline.  Stop stressing over your ACA compliance and get back to business.