Transfer employee and corporate data securely

Secure File TransferSecurity is a top priority at Checkmate.  We recognize that our clients are entrusting highly sensitive, confidential information with us including their own corporate financials and employee personal data such as SSNs, birthdates, background checks and disciplinary documentation. So we take the utmost care in protecting you and your data by having a 3rd party consulting firm conduct an audit to ensure we maintain SSA16 compliance, contracting network security specialist to implement needed virtual security measures and organizing frequent staff trainings to stay up to date on security trends, conducting extensive employee background checks for our own staff and transmitting secure data and confidential documents through FileGuardian by Shugo.

FileGuardian is McAfee Secure certified and allows us to securely send and receive data to/from our clients in a manner consistent with the growing number of states requiring such secure transactions for the payroll and workforce data industries to prevent data breaches. Checkmate’s clients may use FileGuardian anytime to communicate with our staff.  They are also eligible to adopt the FileGuardian solution for their own company transmissions starting with a 60-Day Free Trial!