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Let’s face it, unless you have a volunteer workforce, people do not work for free.  Just as your company has budgets and bills to manage, so do your employees.  Pay is likely the most critical benefit for your workers, so when you are looking to outsource or change over your payroll processing services, it is imperative to find a partner dedicated to ensuring that your employees are paid accurately and on time.  You also need a firm that has the expertise necessary to ensure that all employer taxes are correctly calculated, paid and filed on schedule to avoid fines and penalties for your company.

Checkmate provides payroll software and services and files taxes in accordance with state and local requirements in all states.  Based upon your company’s needs, we’ll match you with one of our dedicated Client Account Managers who will work with you each pay period to help ensure precise and punctual payroll processing and tax filings.  Our system’s Calculations-as-You-Go and Payroll Recap and Funding Report allow you to easily check your payroll on the fly and compare against the last payroll period to ensure your figures are correct prior to processing.  Whether you are a long-term care facility in need of a solution for your CMS mandated Payroll Based Journal submissions, an entrepreneur looking to outsource your first payroll or a large employer looking for the right partner to provide personalized HCM services, we can provide a system experience to suit your needs.

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