Conduct and store employee background checks through your workforce software

Workforce Management Pre-employment ScreeningWhether or not required as part of legal, insurance, security clearance or other requirements, conducting employee background checks as part of your pre-employment screening process can be critical to your organization’s success and the security of your workforce.  Identifying an employee who might have violent tendencies, a prior history of stealing or other questionable conduct could help to prevent a workplace incident, protect your assets and employees and maintain your company’s reputation.

Checkmate’s workforce management solution integrates with easyBackgrounds – a national leader in comprehensive employee background checks.

From your Checkmate HCM solution, access easyBackgrounds to initiate:

  • Criminal record searches which are performed in the relevant courthouses;
  • Employment and education verifications, which are conducted with companies and schools, and
  • Driving records, SSN traces and other data verifications which are retrieved from public and proprietary databases.

Completed searches are automatically compiled and the final report is made available directly from within SaaShr.