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Workforce Management for HospitalityNew hire training due to high employee turnover is one of the most significant costs to restaurants and lodging facilities.  Your workforce is very likely your largest and most expensive asset and the demands of the industry require you make the most of them juggling customer peak demand periods with employee availability.  In an industry with razor-thin margins, recouping any operating costs and finding other opportunities for cost savings can greatly contribute to the bottom line.  Plus, ensuring that your employees are happy so that they in turn make your guests happy is key to your establishment’s success.

Checkmate’s philosophy is to provide great, personalized service to each client with our dedicated client account managers and through our straightforward payroll services module, time and attendance tracking and/or HRIS software modules as well as our ACA compliance tool.  Checkmate HCM helps you optimize your hospitality workforce with powerful scheduling software, ensure timely and accurate payrolls and compliance reporting, implement and measure employee retention strategies and keeping the heart of your business pumping and focused on service.

Throughout our 20-year history, Checkmate has worked closely with hospitality clients to develop processes and services uniquely suited to the service industry.  We will work with you to configure a workforce solution that can include:

  • POS Integration for Time Tracking and Tip Reporting
  • FICA Tip Credit Reporting
  • Workforce Scheduler
  • Labor Law Posters
  • ACA Manager
  • Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Comp


Tipped Employee Wages