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Activist investor calls Hong Kong market rout – Wed, 28 Jun 2017 04:10:27 -0400

Euro, bond yields drive higher on ECB scale-back bets – Wed, 28 Jun 2017 04:41:12 -0400

Philips to buy medical device maker Spectranetics for 1.9 billion euros – Wed, 28 Jun 2017 05:27:34 -0400

Alibaba spending $1 billion to raise stake in Southeast Asia’s Lazada – Wed, 28 Jun 2017 05:04:47 -0400

Japan, EU press ahead on free trade pact to counter U.S. protectionism – Wed, 28 Jun 2017 03:01:19 -0400


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Understand How the Definition of Independent Contractor Has Changed Again
Worker status continues to be an important topic in today’s economy, with many companies still not sure whether to classify some workers as employees or independent contractors. Muddying the water even more is the fact that the U.S. Department of Labor recently announced it is unwinding an interpretation set by the Obama Administration, regarding the guidelines for classifying workers. Here’s the latest.
Minimize Risk of Sexual Harassment Claims in Your Workplace
Last year, more than 12,000 allegations of “sex-based harassment” were filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Although many of such charges are ultimately dropped, it’s far better to avoid conditions that could lead anyone to allege harassment in the first place. Doing so requires a multifaceted, proactive strategy. Here’s the latest.
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Can Your Research Credits Offset Your Payroll Tax Bill?
Qualified small businesses have a new option for using their research tax credits: They can now elect to apply their credit to the Social Security tax portion of their federal payroll tax liabilities. That may come in handy for smaller start-ups with significant research expenses and little or no profits. Here are the details of recent IRS guidance on how to take advantage of this special privilege. 
Tune Up Your Performance Review System By Giving it a Performance Review
Is your system for performance appraisal motivating employees to greater productivity and enhanced creativity? Many employers have abandoned the standard annual review system, which they believe doesn’t accomplish those goals. Here are details about why several prominent companies have grown dissatisfied with the old way of evaluating employees and what they’re doing now to handle this important task.
    Payroll Issues   Best HR Practices
Check the Benefits of Payroll Cards
Payroll cards are becoming increasingly popular. By loading employees’ salaries onto plastic cards, you eliminate a lot of problems for people without bank accounts and save your business time and money. Keep reading to learn the benefits of this payroll system and a checklist of issues to review before signing up for a service.
Becoming a Great Place to Work: It’s Not About the Money
What are the ingredients of a great workplace — the kind of place where employees stick around and work hard? They may not be what you think, and you don’t have to be a huge “hip” company like Google or Apple to make it happen. The Gallup Organization has been studying the question for years, and has come to some conclusions. Read on to find out what Gallup has discovered — and what you can do to leverage the research firm’s insights.
    HR Answers
One Woman in the Workplace
At this business, one department is staffed with 14 men and one woman. The employer believes the female employee is trying to build a sexual harassment case and asks, “What can we do to end this?” Keep reading for information about the issues in this case, as well as some answers.


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