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Can Employers Require Workers to Be Vaccinated for COVID-19?
As the pandemic rolls on and COVID-19 vaccines become more widely available, employers may wonder: Can they require their employees to get vaccinated as a condition of continuing to work? If employers do demand that employees get vaccinated, are there any risks involved? At the federal level, the answer is: “It depends.” Here’s more.

New Appropriations Act Includes Disaster Tax Relief
The Consolidated Appropriations Act is nearly 5,600 pages. It contains several tax-relief measures related to qualified disasters. These provisions include liberalized deduction rules for personal casualty losses, tax-favored treatment for distributions from IRAs and retirement plans, an employee retention tax credit and more. Here’s a summary of the disaster relief provisions.

    Timely Opportunities   Timely Opportunities
Bad Debts: What Losses Can You Deduct and When?
Many individuals and businesses have suffered bad debt losses during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the IRS may be skeptical of deductions claimed for these losses. Here’s some guidance to help individuals and business owners navigate the maze of federal income tax rules for the treatment of bad debt losses.

Help Prevent Discrimination Charges by Avoiding Hasty Decisions
It may sound like a riddle: How can you be hit with a legal penalty based on an employment discrimination charge when you have in fact not engaged in employment discrimination? The answer comes down to one word: retaliation. You’re probably aware that as an employer, practicing retaliation is an illegal act, but the perception of discrimination may be more broadly defined than you think. Read on to learn how.



    Payroll Issues   Best HR Practices
Responsibilities When Collecting W-4s
Since employees fill out their own W-4s, you may think your company’s responsibility ends with collecting them, using the information for withholding, and keeping the forms on file. But a basic understanding of W-4s is necessary so you can answer the questions that will inevitably come up. Here are some issues you should know about.

Stop ‘Spinning’ Communication to Employees
In one survey, one out of five employees responded that their employers generally don’t tell them the truth. Employees in the same survey complained about their employers trying too hard to “spin” the truth. Could this be the attitude of your employees? What can you do about it? For answers, keep reading.

    Employment Law
Guidance for Employee Benefit Plan Administrators on QDROs
Sooner or later, a benefits administrator is likely face a situation where a divorcing employee will be subject to a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) issued by a court. Are you prepared? This article lays out several key steps that an administrator must take to meet its obligations.


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