Connecting You With Your Workforce and All of Its Data

Workforce AnalyticsGain more insight and precision for your workforce decisions

Checkmate HCM securely stores all of your employee and workforce data from pre-hire to retire in a single, cloud-based database providing you with in-depth access to all your information anytime and anywhere.  Based on user-defined hierarchy of security levels, all members of your team from managers, HR and the c-suite can have drill-down, real-time access to all employee data for creating powerful reports, custom dashboards and comprehensive, accurate analysis of key performance metrics.

Whether you decide to utilize our included standard report templates to view your data and complete your compliance reporting requirements or create custom reports and charts to dive even deeper, our dynamic solution is suited to deliver what you need when you need it.  Checkmate HCM also ensures more accurate workforce data.  Using a simple user interface and single-login access makes it easy for all of your employees to complete their day-to-day tasks such as clocking in and out, viewing paycheck statements, requesting time off and leave, designating benefit elections and performing other Employee Self Service options which mitigates against garbage-in, garbage out.  Combined with the ability to access and analyze that data from the same source also means avoiding the potential for data corruption and/or data merging mishaps often experienced in using other integrated solutions.

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Our intuitive HCM platform provides:

  • Ease of use for daily inputs deters “garbage in, garbage out”
  • A single-source database accessed via a unified solution prevents data corruption from import/export, merging and human errors
  • Anytime, anywhere access to all your workforce data for employees, managers and c-suite
  • Create custom reports, views and dashboards to suit each users needs and preferences
  • Secure, cloud-based storage of employee data and related documents
  • In-Depth implementation training and on-demand training via KnowledgePass promote adoption, plus ongoing refresher and new hire training
  • Built-in standard compliance reporting and feeds help automate legal requirements and avoid manual administrative errors
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