Optimize Your Talent Acquisition with an Online Recruiting and Applicant Tracking System

shutterstock_181554455The competition for talent has become increasingly fierce with advances in technology and communication requiring those in HR to act quickly when they come across talented candidates lest they risk losing their window of opportunity.  Without the right procedures, recruiting software and tools in place to help you in recruiting and managing qualified applicants, your company can lose out on attracting key personnel.  Checkmate’s HRIS Software solution can be configured with an online recruiting and applicant tracking system to help you and your team manage, define and measure your strategic talent management initiatives and maximize your ability to quickly identify, communicate with and ultimately onboard top candidates into your pool of talent.

As a secure, cloud-based solution, you and your management team can access and update applicant information anywhere at anytime to conduct phone interviews, follow ups and allow all key-stakeholders to promptly and actively participate in the decision-making process.

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