Are You Sure You Are Compliant With Your Current Labor Law Posting?

Labor Law PostersHave a hard time keeping track of minimal and major updates to the Federal, State and Local Labor Laws in your area? Not sure what and when you need to post when an update is made? You’re not alone. We have the perfect service for you. Our Labor Law Poster Subscription Program keeps you up to date on what has changed, what needs to be posted and when and how it should be posted to help you avoid compliance issues and fines.

Announcing Checkmate’s e-Poster Service for Remote Employees

As this escalating pandemic forces more and more employees to work from home, we understand that it has become increasingly difficult for employers to stay compliant with labor law requirements.  Further, several federal, state and local labor law updates are anticipated as a result of COVID-19 related legislation, making the problem even more complex.

How do you fulfill your employer obligations, and communicate the correct, up-to-date labor law notices to your remote workforce?


What do you get and why do you need it?

What you get:

  • Automatically updated every time changes occur for significant revisions in mandatory federal and/or state posting laws.
  • Up-to-date attorney approved State and Federal Labor Law Posters, or print ready .pdf versions of the new/revised postings.

Why do you need Labor Law Posters?

  • Both Federal and State government regulations require all employers, with at least one employee, to post mandatory labor law postings.
  • Failure to post up to date labor law postings can result in fines.
  • Federal and State labor law postings change often; employers are required by law to be aware of any changes.


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