Notes from our Clients

At Checkmate, we love to check in with our clients to hear what we are doing well and if there are any ways we can better serve them. We also know that when you are searching for a payroll company, reading reviews from existing clients and checking references really help you to get a sense of the kind of service you can expect which can make a tough decision that much easier. This is what a few of our clients shared with us about our payroll, time and attendance and HRIS software and services. We are also happy to provide references upon request.

"We have used Checkmate for the past two years. Prior to Checkmate, payroll was a difficult and painful task. We have found Checkmate to be quick to answer questions, extremely efficient, and insightful in sharing new information that pertains to our business. Most helpful is the amount of time and energy that Checkmate has saved us. Our only regret is that we did not take advantage of the services that Checkmate so competently delivers, sooner."


"The most valuable service that Checkmate provides our company is "peace of mind." I know that once I submit our payroll information, our employees will receive payroll checks or direct deposits on time, and I know that we are and will be in compliance with state and federal laws regarding payroll. Challenges that our company experiences with payroll issues from time to time are resolved immediately with their knowledgeable, caring and courteous staff. The single most important benefit to us is customer support. Any company or payroll service can generate a payroll. The benefit Checkmate provides of keeping customers informed of changing laws and by being there when you "hit a wall" with a payroll problem makes them a rare find in today's market. As a small non-profit business, it would be impossible for us to provide this same level of service internally, particularly considering the reasonable fees that Checkmate charges. Combined with the fact that Checkmate is a local, long established business in our community, there is no need to consider any other company when you already have a rare find."


"Quite simply put, Checkmate is a pleasure to do business with. In this fast-paced world where time equals money, Checkmate has definitely saved us both. We appreciate Checkmate's ability to maintain their efficiency and timeliness, while always being committed to personal, friendly service."

Barbara and Bob

"Before my partner found Checkmate, we used a large, national PEO. We felt that, as a small business, we weren't really valued by this large, national company. We liked the idea that Checkmate is a local company that provides all of the services that we really needed. Checkmate's people are terrific; knowledgeable, very pleasant, and responsive to our needs...even our occasional "off the wall" requests. We also find Checkmate's e-newsletter informative, providing us news, information and reminders about the latest regulatory and legal developments affecting our HR and payroll related tax responsibilities."


"Checkmate is responsive, friendly and knowledgeable. It is reassuring to know that the answer to ANY question is only a phone call away. With Checkmate, we receive excellent service at an affordable cost and more importantly, we know that all of the components of our payroll will be handled correctly. Our initial decision to move to Checkmate was the firm’s interest in working with a company with a good reputation for providing knowledgeable service, without the high costs. After calling a few references and hearing glowing reviews, I knew we were making the right decision. Checkmate handled all of the conversion of the data, a huge plus!"


"Working with Checkmate has proven to us that a smaller, independent service provider is able to bring so much more to the table than a large public company. Checkmate provides better technology – the web based payroll system is user friendly and easy to navigate, which saves me time; and Checkmate provides better service – all of the staff are helpful, knowledgeable and easily accessible. You can’t put a price on that!"


"Checkmate is focused on long term relationships with their clients. My client account manager knows my company’s needs and is always available to help me with any questions, tasks, or other issues. I like that I have a dedicated rep to back me up with any of my payroll needs. Knowing that my client account manager knows my company and is always willing to help makes me feel very secure with my payroll. That Checkmate is also less expensive than our previous provider is just icing on the cake. The money saved, and the business relationship with my rep at Checkmate has made it well worth the switch for us."


As Finance Director, I have taken on several projects to streamline the financial analysis of the town accounts. Payroll- We converted to Checkmate this year for payroll processing. This has been a tremendous savings in payroll processing costs. We use an electronic timesheet that converts to the payroll system. This has been a time saver for payroll processing. Employees have everything available to them online. They have access to all timesheets as well as paystubs, and W-2s. We have eliminated paper that needs to be distributed.

Town Finance Director