Employee EngagementRetaining and Engaging a Happy Workforce Takes the Right People and Tools

Employee engagement can be that elusive factor in employee retention efforts that is so difficult to pinpoint, measure and manage.  Successful HR leaders and managers are adept at recognizing when an employee’s level of engagement is faltering, a people-skill which is both an art and science.  Gauging overall satisfaction levels for your entire workforce through a combination employee surveys and candid direct employee discussions can help management to identify some key elements in boosting employee morale, ways to improve corporate culture and any potential employee benefits and/or compensation-related components that may be eroding satisfaction, engagement and ultimately retention.   When a previously happy, team-player becomes almost completely disengaged, it can be detrimental to your workplace atmosphere and eventually could create a toxic environment with a cascade of attrition.  Engaged employees are more likely to be productive, innovative and collaborative, which boosts your bottom line.  Most engaged employees feel empowered in their positions and are happy with the ongoing training and tools provided by their employer along with open lines of communication and continual feedback to address concerns and let them know their contributions are valued.

With CheckmateHCM, you can measure tangible data points to help raise potential flags for previously high-performing employees who might be losing interest before reaching a point of no return.  Our single-source solution also helps you manage any strategic initiatives implemented after conducting employee satisfaction surveys in response to feedback so that you can track and measure improvements, successes and ongoing engagement efforts for training, compensation and other employee perks.

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